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Drisyabharathi School of Dance

Dance is the rhythm of life to us. The rhythm that wakes us up, that refreshes and sustains our existence. Drisyabharathi brings you this essential life element in the most authentic and traditional form to brighten your lives. With a range of dance forms from India and around the world, Drisyabharathi introduces you to the world of classical, contemporary and modern dances from elementary to specialist level. Welcome, move your body and soul with Drisyabharathi.

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We, at Drisyabharathi, trains hundreds of students every year to participate in the OFAAL certificate examinations at various levels. Being an experienced training centre, Drisyabharathi ensures you not only qualify in each level but also prepares you with traditional knowledge about the art form to excel in them with flying colours. The systematic and disciplined approach we have towards the fine arts we teach adds to both the physical and psychological wellbeing of all our students.

Most people that love dancing because it makes them feel good.

Expressing something through physical movement with the aid of music is a wonderful ability to have, that takes hard work and dedication.