Drisyabharathi School of Dance


Rajani started her dance journey at the age of 4 and is of one my best students. Anyone who has the chance to study under her should definitely take the great opportunity. She has all my best wishes and prayers for her own dance school.

Guru Chemancheri

Rajani was studying under me for over 5 years. She was one of my best students and most captivating performers. Even to this day she will still contact me to deepen her understanding of the art. She has my full support and blessings for her own classes.

Janardhanan Vadanappalli

We heard about this wonderful class from Anika's friends and are glad that she is learning Bharatanatyam under Dr. Rajani. Anika thoroughly enjoys going to the danceclass with her friends and made also new friends. Dr. Rajani focuses on each student and manages to keep the attention of the children throughout the online classes patiently guiding them. I myself was not familiar with this type of dance since I grew up in Belgium, but my husband's family is from India and a few family members are quite proficient in this art. I got to know Bharatanatyam as a beautiful artform which gives these young girls physical and mental exercise and would highly recommend the classes with Dr. Rajani.

Els Dantu

My daughter has been learning classical dance with Dr Rajani Palakkal for 9 years. She is enjoying every aspect of the dance and developing passion and confidence day by day. Classical dance helps her to learn and maintain culture and discipline in her life. I express my sincere gratitude to teacher and all the best for her future projects.

Shobha Pushpoth

I have been learning classical dance from my Guru, Dr Rajani Palakkal for 9 years now. Amidst a busy school week, many may think that dance would be a stressful commitment. However, every week, I look forward to attending dance class. Other than learning a cultural gem of India, and being an excellent method for mental relaxation and physical exercise, it is also a very welcoming space. Our dance teacher affectionately calls us her children, and has a very motherly and friendly approach to each one of us. I find that Dance Teacher's classes are a perfect mix of the necessary discipline needed for mastering a classical art form as well the light hearted enjoyment and fun. Ever since joining dance class back in Year 1, I have never thought of looking back.

Arya Das

I got acquainted with Ranjani teacher back in 2017 when we moved to the UK. I was looking for a Bharatnatyam dance teacher to help my daughter pursue her lessons which she had started in India, back in 2013. Over these four years, Anviti has not just come to enjoy learning Bharatntyam but also learnt more about Indian culture, tradition, art and discipline. Ranjani teacher has had a transformational effect on her life, not just the dance form. Under her tutelage, Anviti has learnt to understand and revere the rigid and strict interpretation of Bharatnatyam. Ranjani teacher has been vital in helping her learn and respect the Guru-Shishya parampara by her excellent dedication to the profession and the art. Anviti has learnt to love the practice, learn mutual respect and establish a wonderful student teacher bond which are the pre-requisites for wholesome learning, learning the dance form just as our shastras lay it down.

Suchitra Subramaniam

Rajani teacher came to become my Guru for Bharatnatyam when I moved to UK. She has inspired me to pursue the dance form and taught me more about Indian culture and tradition. She has also helped me develop my interest in dance. I am really grateful to her and I hope to learn more about our culture in the future.

Anviti Venkateshwaran

I have been learning dance for 9 years.Danceteachers classes have really helped me build my confidence and improve my knowledge of indian traditional culture. By participating weekly in class I feel like a welcome member of our dance community. As well as the needed physical aspect of dance our guru also ensures that we understand the background story of every dance we do.Moreover the classes are very enjoyable and has become a huge part of my life.


Indian classical dance is something I was always passionate about. Watching my daughter do her dance lessons instigated the forgotten passion within me. I was sceptical when I started the online class on my ability at this stage of my life. But Dr Rajani made me very comfortable. She is very patient, motivating and encouraging. Her dedication in teaching is really commendable. I am glad that I signed up for her class. Now both me and my daughter look forward to these classes every week.