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Everything you need to know about OFAAL certification…

What is OFAAL certification?

Formed in 1900, the Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London (OFAAL) is Europe’s leading examination board for the traditional South Indian Fine Arts. With over 25 centres across Europe, OFAAL offers examinations in subjects such as miruthangam, veena, flute, violin, vocals, bharathanatyam, etc. in eight stages or levels. It allows a student to formalise their learning through preparing for and gaining a recognised qualification in their desired and trained fine art. Once fully qualified, an OFAAL certified student can teach their art to the next generation.

The OFAAL certificate requires fine arts students to take both practical and theory examinations in their respective subjects to complete their certification process. Practical examinations start at a very basic level, allowing new students to ease themselves into their first examinations.

In line with this commitment to maintaining professional and high standards, OFAAL introduced the Post Diploma certificate in 2006. This will serve as a higher qualification than a Diploma.

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What are the benefits of OFAAL certificate?

1. On completion of grade 8 of OFAAL, you can be a certified trainer on your own. Inculcating an enterprising value in you with being able to teach the next generation your passion and talent.

2. OFAAL certificate serves as a qualifier for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award - the award of recognition to adolescents and young adults for completing a series of self-improvement exercises.

3. It adds to UCAS points - the points allocated to post-16 qualifications. OFAAL certificate indicates your ability to work as a team and exhibits your talent.

4. Improves your confidence in facing exams & interviews. Both theory and practical examination is monitored by experienced external examiners and serves as a platform to boost your confidence and spirits.

5. Provides exposure – examiners from various locations with varying capabilities present to examine you allows you to exhibit your talent and be recognised for it, on a wider scale. You might well be invited to perform

6. Acts as an additional qualification to your academics and higher studies. A valued point in your CV.

7. And, most importantly, OFAAL serves as a recognition of your talent that you can showcase to your relatives and friends.

How can you achieve OFAAL certification?

With systematic and disciplined training.

We, at Drisyabharathi, trains hundreds of students every year to participate in the OFAAL certificate examinations at various levels. Being an experienced training centre, Drisyabharathi ensures you not only qualify in each level but also prepares you with traditional knowledge about the art form to excel in them with flying colours. The systematic and disciplined approach we have towards the fine arts we teach adds to both the physical and psychological wellbeing of all our students. So far, more than 125 of our students have passed OFAAL with grade 6 or more and are successful in their life.

When can you start preparing for OFAAL?

Now… Contact us to sign up for our dance classes.


Dr Rajani Palakkal, the founder of our prestigious institution Drisyabharathi is being recognised at the OFAAL graduation ceremony 2020. Dr Rajani is will receive the award for her efforts towards training the maximum number of students sent for OFAAL every year. The event is on 20th of February in London.