Drisyabharathi School of Dance

Mata | Pita | Guru | Deva

What Indian Classical Dances teach you other than steps and moves…

What are the forces that keep us rooted in our foundation? Yes! It’s those very elements that play a vital role in our existence. Mata, our mother - the bearer of all our grief, gloom and glory. Pita, our father - the soul master who taught us to stand straight, heads-up. Guru, our teachers - guiding forces that have lighted our path; parting their wisdom and confidence. Deva, the superpower - the nature that nurtures us, our home, our lives.

It’s to these that we bow our head, in respect. Classical Indian dances practice a strong expression of respect to nature (Bhoomipranam), guru, accompanying musicians, fellow performers, and the audience in each of their performances. This is to mark the gratefulness dancers possesses towards each one of them, in supporting and helping the dancer to perform with absolute vigour and completeness.

Namaste, a simple word emanates a powerful message to the world. When we fold our arms and greet people with a Namaste, we are bowing to the divinity residing in the person, conveying the message of humanity and oneness. Indian classical dances start with this universal idea of respect and gratefulness.

In this technology-driven today’s age, we often ignore the importance of appreciation that we owe to each one and everything around us. Starting with nature. How far have we come from sustainable living, how cruel are we to the creatures of this wonderful home, how insensitive have we become to the only liveable planet we know?! It’s time to break the pattern = start with gratitude, for all this nature has given us. Vow that we’ll strive our best to nurture it, as it has done to us so far.

It’s easier to turn to your virtual assistant for anything you want to know, but, remember that there is nothing that can replace your teacher. Guru is your source of deeper wisdom, your source of inspiration and support. And it is each of our responsibility to keep the relationship sacred and serene. Classical dances practice this idea in every session and appreciate the value of teacher-student relationship beyond classrooms.

The love we have towards our parents must also be filled with gratitude and respect, for all they have been doing for us since we came into being. There’s nothing to replace their sacrifices, sweat and strife to bring us up and provide us with everything that we need and want. We bow before their immense love and trust in us.

We, as human beings are as united to nature as we are to each other. And so, it should be inculcated in the fundamental character that we respect one another and all the forces known and unknown to us. With each class of our Classical Dance sessions, you will notice the level of progress we make not just with the art form, but within our values, ideals and ideology. We dance together to make you a better person, and this world a better place to live.

Let’s make some moves.