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9 reasons why you must start dancing today!

Dancing for many is an act of expressing their passion for movement and music. It is a way of life for some and for another, their means of relaxation. As per studies, more than physical wellbeing, dancing helps people to have a stable emotional state, mental health and social life. Drisyabharathi brings you nine irresistible reasons for you and your children to start dancing from today. Here you go…

1. Boost Flexibility

Yes, there are a lot of dances and exercises that will help you lose weight instantly. But, Indian classical dance forms will not only build your muscle strength and endurance, but also helps you learn to breathe better. Increasing your flexibility will also help ease joint pain and post-exercise soreness.

2. Improve Memory

In a study by The New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that dancing may boost your memory and prevent you from developing dementia as you get older. So, dance isn’t just graceful, but also helps you age gracefully.

3. Reduce Stress

Feeling tensed or stressed out? The best way to relax is toto grab a partner, turn up the music, and make some moves! A study in the Journal of Applied Gerontology reveal that partner dance and musical accompaniment can help bring about stress relief.

4. Stay Disciplined

Dance requires you to go home and practice, because the idea of this art is to understand your own body, rhythms and yourself. And importantly, it is all about timing that’s how it inculcates discipline in your life.

5. Grow Spiritually

The process of practicing and performing Indian classical dances as well as contemporary forms works on a much higher level than your physical body. The concentrated effort to learn dance moves, facial expressions, remember music and lyrics, and be in the flow of performance is sure to elevate your conscious to a spiritual high, and that’s there to stay as long as you keep dancing.

6. Combat Depression

Dancing really lifts your spirits. According to a study testing the effects of dancing on people with depression, it was found that patients who participated in an upbeat group dance showed the fewest depression symptoms and the most vitality.

7. Enhance Patience

Technology and speed has made human crave for instant gratification.That is in contrary toyour way life – you still need to wait for your job, for a partner, for the right time, for things to fall into place. Here’s an easy method to practice patience – Indian classical dance form. You’ll learn that everything takes time, and you learn it grace while dancing!

8. Focus on the Present

Indian classical dances are about understanding the mind-body-soul connection. While staying in specific dance postures, our ‘monkey-mind’ that wants to jumpto the next thing, is forced to stay with one posture. When you practice dance, you are basically training your mind to focus on one thing for extended period of time. This shall keep you in the present and be in the moment.

9. Control your Emotions

Anger, sadness, happiness, love, excitement and so on are a part of our life. Performing dances give you a chance torelease these emotions that will make you realise the connection between emotions – mind and body. By this, you understand how to control emotions and express it effectively.

Have you found enough reasons to make some moves? Come, join us to lose weight, stay flexible, reduce stress, make friends, and more… You are welcome.